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Better Water Is What We Do

salt free water conditioning

At Sun City Water Solutions, we specialize in sales and service of Water  Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Salt Free Conditioning Systems,
RO Filter Changes, Salt Delivery. I am dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to ensure the purity and safety of your water supply.

Whether, you need a new Water Softener installed, your Reverse Osmosis system serviced, or regular salt delivered to your home or business. I have the expertise and products to meet your needs. I am committed to delivering efficient and reliable solutions for all your water treatment requirements.

With our comprehensive services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water treatment needs are taken care of by experienced, professionals.


Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us provide you with tailored solutions for cleaner, healthier water. One Call Does It All.

Reverse osmosis systems and filter changes
Company name

All Equipment I use is designed and manufactured by a family-owned company, that has been in business for over 70 years. Providing outstanding water treatment equipment, and solutions.

I work with this company that has a location, a short distance to drive in Goodyear, AZ. With there warehouse of equipment, parts, supplies, and support is a plus for me to do my work for you. Working with a local company is important to me.

Most Arizona residents have access to drinking water. Just because water comes from a faucet, doesn’t mean that it is clean as it can be. All living things need water to survive. Our bodies are made up of more than 75% water. Clean water is essential for good health.

Water Hardness Scale

  • Soft - Less than 1 grain

  • Slightly Hard - 1 to 3.5 grains

  • Moderately Hard - 3.5 to 7 grains

  • Hard - 7 to 10 grains

  • Very Hard - Over 10 grains

water softener and salt delivery
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